Maxx Boot


  • Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind, Biofuel,
  • Energy efficiency Energy recovery
  • Energy storage Fuelcell
  • Water Desalination, disinfection
  • Waste Recycling,
  • Air Disinfection
  • Agriculture Food efficiencies, biomass

Wind: Drivers& Dynamics

  • Regulatory driving forces
  • Guaranteed cashflows
  • New entrants as well as classical energy providers
  • Divestment strategies
  • Technology
  • Procurement backlogs

The Global Biofuel market is estimated at 25 million tons oil equivalent increasing to 50 million tons in 2010
Biodiesel growth estimated at 35%
Biodiesel sales estimated at € 8,5 Billion in 2010


  • Continous growing market
  • Fragmented market; Many Medium Sized Privately Owned Companies 100-2000 FTE
  • Often Technology Leaders, yet undeveloped marketeers
  • Geographical expansion takes (too) long
  • Buy & Build Opportunities: pro active strategies needed
  • Acceleration based on Proprietary Networks and Profound Industry Knowledge
  • Active M&A market offers ample exit opportunities (GE, ITT, Siemens)