Maxx Boot

Maxx CleanTech Capital is an independent investment & development company. Creating value for management & shareholders by supporting the growth. Focusing on success and expansion of cleantech companies via investments, matchmaking and pro-active assistance like:
1. Capital
2. Investment opportunities
3. Networking for acquisitions and expansion
4. Corporate intelligence
5. Investment Decision Support
6. Investment Funds

Maxx Strategy.
Maxx's focus is on technology breakthrough companies. Tech-breakthrough companies, highly entrepreneurial by nature, require substantial risk investments, -needing support in fundraising, -business contacts.
Including commercial rollout, -technological expertise, -reference projects, -marketing expertise, -a complete team AND razor blade sharp financial & administrative guiding.
Maxx's services will lead to a commercial success.

Market Dynamics for Cleantec investing are favorable!

Invest Drivers

Sources: Cleantech Venture Network, Robeco TBLI, New Energy Finance, Goldman Sachs Global Water Intelligence, London Stock Exchange, Kudgate Iv, Rabo, ABNAmro, Lehman, HSBC

Green technologies are on the verge of becoming one of the next waves in the knowledge economy revolution - Tony Blair